What Are They Learning?



On the coaches command players dribble through the gates. They cannot go through the same gate two times in a row. Players keep track of the number of gates they dribble through in a certain amount of time.

Gate Dribble

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Adding to this activity

You don't have to move a cone to get more out of this activity. 

Below are a few ideas:

-Require the players to do a dribbling move before going through a gate (scissors, step-over etc.)

-Divide the team in half and have each group compete against the other for the most total gates dribble through in 1 minute.

-Allow players to knock other players balls from them while trying to go through the gates.

-Dribble with their head up

-Change direction

-Change speed

-Quick decisions

-Keeping the ball close to them.

Set Up

-20 X 25 yard grid

-20 cones

-Gates are made with 2 cones 2 yards apart

-All players with their own ball

Recommended Age U8 & Above

Key Points

-Keep the ball close to you

-Pick your head up

-Change speed & direction