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Recommended Age U8 & Above

-Dribble with their head up

-Change direction

-Change speed

-Quick decisions

-Keeping the ball close to them.

What Are They Learning?


Adding to this activity

You don't have to move a cone to get more out of this activity. 

Below are a few ideas:

-Require the players to do a dribbling move before going through a gate (scissors, step-over etc.)

-Divide the team in half and have each group compete against the other for the most total gates dribble through in 1 minute.

-Allow players to knock other players balls from them while trying to go through the gates.


On the coaches command players dribble through the gates. They cannot go through the same gate two times in a row. Players keep track of the number of gates they dribble through in a certain amount of time.

Key Points

-Keep the ball close to you

-Pick your head up

-Change speed & direction

Set Up

-20 X 25 yard grid

-20 cones

-Gates are made with 2 cones 2 yards apart

-All players with their own ball

Gate Dribble