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Recommended Age U4 & Above

-Dribble with their head up

-Change direction

-Quick decisions

-Keeping the ball close to them.

What Are They Learning?



Players gather at one end of the field with their back turned so they cannot see the field.  The coach hides a couple of treasures under a couple of cones.  On the coaches command the players dribble their soccer ball to a cone and check to see if a treasure is underneath it.  You get to keep the treasure if you find one.  You can only win one treasure.  Start the game again and hide more treasures and have the ones who already won, help the others find a treasure.

Key Points

-Keep the ball close to you

-Pick your head up

Set Up

-15 X 20 yard grid

-20 cones (6 used for practice area)

-Treasures (1 for each players)

-All players with their own ball

*treasures can be; piece of candy, cards, rubber bracelet etc.

Find The Treasure