In Addition to the U10 Skills HERE

Goal Keeping

  • Throwing (side arm, round house, baseball).
  • Kicking (drop kick).
  • Diving
  • Introduce parryng & boxing.


  • To score goals.
  • To clear the ball.

Introduce Slide Tackle

  • Timing.


  • To beat an opponent.
  • Shielding.
  • Feints-subtle body movements to beat and opponent.

Receiving Air Balls

  • With feet, thighs & chest.
  • Away from pressure-past opponents.


  • Deceptive use of foot surface (toe, heel, ,outside of the foot).
  • Crossing driven & flighted balls.
  • Finishing chipping, volley, bending

Here are a list of skills you should try and

focus on through out your season for this age group