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Recommended Age U12 & Above

-First touch

-Weight of the passes

-Quick passing

-Quick decisions

What Are They Learning?


Adding to this activity

You don't have to move a cone to get more out of this activity. 

Below are a few ideas:

-Require the players to use one touch only.

-Compete against other groups-who can complete 20 passes first.

-If you have a 5th player rotate them in.


Each group starts with a ball with the players on first and third base.  The player at home plate is the one who is working.  Start with the player at first base passing to the home plate player who must pass to the player without the ball but not back to where the ball was just passed from.  The third base player then passes and the sequence continues with every pass always going through the home plate player.

Switch home plate player every few minutes.

Key Points

-Know where to pass before you receive the pass

-Firm passes on the ground

-First touch in the direction you are going to pass the ball

Set Up

-Set up a baseball diamond with

base paths 5-10 yards.

-2 balls

-4 cones

-4-5 players per diamond.

Baseball Passing