In Addition to the U8 Skills HERE

Throw in

  • Short and long distances.

Goal Keeping

  • Ready stance (foot positioning, hands, body posture
  • W-grip positioning of thumbs, fingers spread
  • How to hold the ball after a save-ball to chest, forearm protection
  • How to hold the ball after the save
  • Punting, throwing & goal kicks.

Heading-No heading should be practiced at this age.

USSF Heading Guidelines


  • Block tackle (balance foot & contact foot).

Dribbling (running with the ball)

  • At speed.
  • Under pressure (when being chased).
  • Moves..rolls, scissor push, double scissors, step over.


  • Ground balls with inside & outside of the foot.
  • Away from pressure-past opponents.

Passing/Shooting (kicking)

  • With the outside of the foot.
  • With the instep for crossing & shooting
  • Heading

Here are a list of skills you should try and

focus on through out your season for this age group