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Recommended Age U10 & Above

-Shooting power vs finesse

-Shoot for the corners

-Quick feet to get to goal

-Good first touch.

What Are They Learning?


Adding to this activity

You don't have to move a cone to get more out of this activity. 

Below are a few ideas:

-Require the players to do a dribbling move before taking a shot.

-GK cannot use their hands to save the ball.


Each team begins in a line a few yards off the right goal post.  The first person in one of the lines touches the ball in front of them about 1 yard and takes a shot at the opposite goal.  Immediately after the shot is taken the shooter retreats to his goal as the first player in the other line shoots.  Play for a few minutes and see which group scores more goals.

Key Points

-Cannot shoot until other line takes a shot

-Shooter look for open corners of the goal

-Quick footwork to get back in goal

Set Up

-20 X 30 yard grid

-2 goals

-Divide the team in half

-All players with their own ball

Rapid Fire