Adding to this activity

You don't have to move a cone to get more out of this activity. 

Below are a few ideas:

-Compete to see who gets to 5 goals first.

-Switch sides after each game.

-Require a dribbling move before shooting.

Set Up

-Penalty box if possible

-6 cones

-1 goal

-Split the team in half with each

player with a ball

-GK is optional

Chase & Shoot 1/2 Field

-Dribble with speed

-Shooting to the corner

-Controlling the dribble

-Quick decisions

-Transition to defense.


Key Points

-Keep the ball close to you

-Pick your head up

-Change speed & direction

-Shoot for the corners

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Recommended Age U10 & Above


The first players in one of the lines begins by dribbling around the top cone & shoots on goal.  Immediately as the shot is taken the first player in the other line dribbles towards their top cone while the shooter chases them.  The chaser must go around the cones in the same path as the dribbler.  Chaser returns to their line and gets a ball waiting for their turn.

Shhoter should be getting shots off.  If they are not, they are not leaving right after the shot is taken.

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