A fun fitness activity with the ball is included each week.

As many as 12 plans are available per age group, to ensure that the coach has a weekly plan for the entire season.

Each activity has animation or video to help coaches understand them

Each week includes a video with a skill or move of the week

Fun Fitness With A Ball

Activity #4

Activity #3 

Activity #2 

Activity #1

Foot skill for the week-Boxes and out to out

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View the animation/video of each activity

to make sure you understand them

Print The

Practice Plan

You can write any notes on the plan after watching the animation/video below

Hello Coach- The first practice may be the most challenging one of the season.  You will probably be meeting some of your players for the first time & trying to remember their names is not easy.  Keep it fun and it will all fall into place!  The practice is set in a Play-Practice-Play format.  Start with small game play followed by the activities and ending with play. See the plan for details.

U8 Practice #1    -This is a sample of what a coach receives on a weekly  basis via email-