8 plans are available for this young age group.  All other age groups have up to 15 plans available

Coaching Tips:

  • Keep the players moving as much as possible.
  • Give short instructions & demonstrate the activity.
  • Get players involved quickly.
  • Be positive & upbeat when communicating with the players.

The agility course is included each week which gives a chance for the players to run and jump.

Each activity has animation or video to help coaches understand them

Each week includes a video with a skill or move of the week

Activity #3 Agility Course

Activity #2 Red Light Green Light

Activity #1 Soccer Tag

Teach Your Players-The Soccer Ready Position

Helpful Links

View the animation/video of each activity

to make sure you understand them

Print The

Practice Plan

You can write any notes on the plan after watching the animation/video below

Hello Coach- The U4 program is an eight week program.  Due to the young age of the players it is recommended that the practice be no longer then 45 minutes.  Move from activity to activity very quickly, as the attention span of these players is extremely short!

U4 Practice #1  -This is a sample of what the coach receives on a weekly  basis via email-